Using media Action Types in SPFx ACEs

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Using media Action Types in SPFx ACEs


SPFx v1.15 has introduced new action types for media to use in Adaptive Card Extensions to select Images from your native device.

In this article, we will get introduced to using these new media action types.

Scaffold SPFx ACE solution

Let us start by scaffolding the SPFx ACE solution to get familiar with new media action type.

Install packages

Install the PnP/PnPJS package using below command

npm install @pnp/sp --save

This package will help us to upload a file to SharePoint library.

Create a File Upload Service

Create a folder/file structure at /src/services/FileUploadService.ts for file upload operation.

import { AdaptiveCardExtensionContext } from "@microsoft/sp-adaptive-card-extension-base";
import { spfi, SPFx, SPFI } from "@pnp/sp";
import "@pnp/sp/webs";
import "@pnp/sp/files";
import "@pnp/sp/folders";

export class FileUploadService {
    private _sp: SPFI;
    public context: AdaptiveCardExtensionContext;

    public setup(context: AdaptiveCardExtensionContext): void {
        if (!this._sp && typeof context !== "undefined") {
            this._sp = spfi().using(SPFx(context));
            this.context = context;

    public async UploadFile(fileName: string, content: string): Promise<void> {
        const base64Response = await fetch(content);
        const myblob = await base64Response.blob();

        await this._sp.web
            .getFolderByServerRelativePath("Shared Documents")
            .addChunked(fileName, myblob, undefined, true);

const FileService: FileUploadService = new FileUploadService();
export default FileService;

Define quick view

Update the Quick View template in a file src\adaptiveCardExtensions\mediaActionType\quickView\QuickView.ts as follows:

public get template(): ISPFxAdaptiveCard {
    return {
                "type": "TextBlock",
                "weight": "Bolder",
                "text": "${filesUploaded}"
        actions: [
                id: 'upload image',
                title: 'Upload an image',
                type: 'VivaAction.SelectMedia',
                parameters: {
                    mediaType: MediaType.Image,
                    allowMultipleCapture: false

In the onAction method, handle the file upload event to get the file uploaded to the SharePoint.

public onAction(action: IActionArguments): void {
    if (action.type === 'VivaAction.SelectMedia') {
        // media is an array of attachment objects which contain the content and filename attachment => {
            await FileUploadService.UploadFile(attachment.fileName, attachment.content);

The ACE looks as follows:


The media action type is useful in Adaptive Card Extensions for the frontline workers to upload the images on the go.

Code Download

The SPFx code developed for this article can be found here.


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